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Are you an experienced Delivery Manager specialized in technical project management looking for your next challenge? TickTrade Systems Inc. (TickTrade “TickTrade”) might be the place for you.

About the Role:

The Delivery Manager (DM) is responsible for overseeing service metrics execution under the Client’s portfolio of products in production ensuring that TickTrade exceeds on service level agreements.

The DM will have extensive knowledge of the Financial/Forex Technology industry and should be recognized for business acumen by the client set supported. The position requires proficient understanding of TickTrade’s technology platform, project management and life cycle development methodologies and technical architectures pertaining to the area. The Delivery Manager will have excellent skills in relationship and general business management.

Working @ TickTrade:

High performance work teams: supportive culture of bright minds, strong communicators, team trust is essential; flexible working hours; easily accessible to PATH/Subway/10MIN walk northwest of Union Station

Role Responsibilities:

  • Provide consulting and guidance on project initiatives including business case preparation and developing creative/alternative approaches to problem resolution. The focus is to be kept on overall business solutions, not on specific packages or technologies.
  • Identify and confirm project leads from all required stakeholders groups to ensure responsibilities and deliverables are understood by each.
  • Define project governance, identify senior stakeholders & sponsors to form a steering committee (should it be necessary). Work with Project Sponsor to prepare appropriate information for dissemination to the steering committee.
  • Manage project participants and relationships ensuring project teams are cohesive and operating to common objectives and priorities.
  • Work with Client’s Project Sponsors to establish the scope of the project and then managed to the established scope. Ensure client’s Project’s Change Notifications are raised where necessary and approved. If the scope changes identify impacts to the Sponsor. And/or steering committee.
  • Hold meetings and work sessions as necessary to ensure that project management deliverables are met i.e. project planning, risk management, issues management, status meetings.
  • Provide support to Client including business case preparation and developing creative/alternative approaches to problem resolution. The focus is to be kept on overall business solutions, not on specific packages or technologies.
  • Motivate the Project Team and maintain the momentum of the Project against background of changing and occasionally conflicting priorities.
  • Ongoing communication of project status, completing the monthly Project Status Reports and escalating issues depending on type of issue to either the TickTrade’s corresponding areas (product, operations, etc.) or Client’s PMs or Sponsor.
  • Ensure the documentation and archiving of project activities, deliverables, tools and findings and for use in future projects.
  • Methodically collect product and platform feedback from the field and provide it to the Product Management and Engineering teams, as well as Network and Operations to improve overall product and platform performance.
  • Depending on the complexity and business risk of the project(s) assigned, a Delivery Manager will manage a team of team members, including Delivery Managers, Project Control Officers, SMEs, Business and Technology Team Leaders.
  • The Delivery Manager and Delivery Team are evaluated as a group based on the success of achieving the business outcomes on time and within approved budget.



  • Must be permanent Canadian resident living in Toronto. No relocation expenses provided
  • Developed, demonstrated competence in some technical area related to the financial industry and/or information systems in order to understand the working of a specialist’s mind. This is to be coupled with the ability to effectively project manager a multiple number of projects of varying complexity in a sophisticated matrix management organization,
  • Thorough knowledge of TickTrade’s formal and informal organization structure is imperative
  • Expert knowledge of project management tools and methodologies, broad understanding of service metrics and service level agreements
  • Extensive knowledge of Financial/Forex Exchange Industry Technologies, product development methodologies and technical architectures pertaining to the area.
  • Advance management and leadership skills sufficient to lead and motivate the team and excellent skills in relationship and general business management.
  • Expert team building skills, to create and sustain highly motivated groups within diverse and multi-functional reporting units that are most often not within the incumbent’s direct supervision.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills to rapidly assess problem situations and creatively develop alternate solutions and approaches necessary to resolve high-level, complex problems. Employee is expected to bring solutions to the table and support an “information technology” part of all business plans
  • Expert facilitation and interviewing skills are required to produce objective and highly developed Benefit Maps.
  • Superior oral and written communication skills, proven ability to make presentations to varied groups; manage all levels of line management up to the Executive Vice-President (individually or in committee); chairing meetings involving diverse TickTrade’s organizations and management level; dealing with vendors/consultants without exceeding authority.
  • Expert ability to balance competing or conflicting goals of various departments/stakeholders, requiring a mature, diplomatic approach and highly developed negotiation and influencing skills; especially in dealing with project team members/management to acquire/maintain support and to negotiate priorities with full consideration and awareness of potential impact on business needs and outcomes.
  • Acquired working knowledge is necessary to a degree matching the individual’s seniority:
  • Elements of Forex Exchange Platforms/Technologies
  • Elements of Data Processing
  • Elements of Communication Systems
  • Basic Accounting
  • Contract Law
  • Planning Techniques
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Elements of Organization and Management for large companies
  • Basic statistics/operations research
  • TickTrade’s Systems Development Methodology
  • TickTrade’s Security Awareness Principles and Practices
  • PMP designation an asset
  • Formal Project Management Education
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or technology
  • Exerts primary control through an approved monitoring and reporting functions and through participation in a preparation, approval and reporting cycle.
  • Operates independently day-to-day. The incumbent must conduct considerable research and apply a high level of insight to develop the parameters of an issues before strategies can be defined and tactics to respond and develop.
  • High level of autonomy required to exercise judgement to balance the necessity of timely responses to pressing issues and opportunities with the requirement to bridge the interests of various stakeholders.

    Overnight air travel may be required through North America and/or International destinations (up to 2 weeks in duration), depending on the assigned project(s).

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