Intelligent AI-powered analytics and reporting solution enables clients to predict customer, liquidity provider and market behaviour

Profile the behaviour of your customers, market and liquidity providers using complex analytics and AI models. TickTrade’s solutions are tailored for each customer, based on AI-augmented customer profiling analytics.

Our solution integrates with proprietary AI models through self-serve tools.  Real-time monitoring detects changes in market activity, customer trading patterns and unusual behaviour generating alerts and notifications.  Clustering fine tunes client segmentation to optimize margins.  Out-of-the-box management, audit and compliance reports enable clients to meet their regulatory requirements.



  • Gain more advanced historical, real-time and predictive insights by analyzing, reporting and visualizing customers’ trading activity
  • Recognize changes in customer trading patterns and product demand to tailor your product strategy
  • Calibrate trading strategies in real time, based on changes in market activity, to increase profitability and reduce risk
  • Leverage big data technologies to process vast amounts of data live in real-time
  • Track, measure, compare and predict liquidity provider performance


  • Through the TickTrade platform, our FX portal will enable clients to efficiently manage their foreign currency exposure through an enhanced, easy-to-use, self-service interface.

    Testimonial #1

  • We needed a partner who could deliver sophisticated FX trading aggregation capabilities, along with solutions that would expand how our clients interact with us digitally. We discovered a Canadian start-up through our RFP process that beat out the established players in the FX technology space. The Proof of Concept process confirmed the depth and opportunity in both their technology and responsiveness and knowledge of their team.

    Testimonial #2

  • Upon selecting TickTrade as our strategic FX platform provider, we worked closely with the TickTrade team and were live on the platform in less than 3 months.  We now provide a self-service offering for our clients to have on-line access to real-time FX trading with straight through processing of payments that can now be processed in minutes as opposed to days.

    Testimonial #3

  • Their technology is excellent, they are uber responsive, and they’ve already built all of the hooks into WSS for trade processing, settlement handling, and credit risk management.

    Testimonial #4

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