TickTrade Systems Inc. Launches Global Payments Solutions

February 24, 2020.  New York, London, Toronto:  TickTrade Systems Inc. (TickTrade), the Toronto-based technology firm providing next-generation FX trading and payments solutions for financial institutions, today launched its new global payments capabilities. These capabilities will make it easier for financial institutions to deliver end-to-end FX trading and payments solutions to their clients.

New competition, expanding regulatory/standards requirements and rapidly changing client demands in global payments pose serious threats to financial institutions. Financial institutions need to respond but modernizing their payments infrastructure is challenging due to complexity, costs and time to market. TickTrade Systems’ Cross Border Global Payments Solutions deliver powerful and flexible products to meet these challenges and give financial institutions the control and capabilities they need to power long term growth of their payments business. Key product features include:

  • Global Payments Workflows that supports all payment types and integrate into proprietary applications or enable third-party providers
  • Built for Cross Border Architecture designed to maximize foreign exchange and payment revenue while effectively managing risk
  • SaaS Delivered (via IBM Cloud®) to provide the flexibility and scalability required to meet the needs of large or small financial institutions across all client segments
  • Modular Design with Unparalleled Flexibility giving financial institutions the ability to deploy the solution to best fit their business and operating models
  • Dynamic Routing of payments to multiple providers to optimize revenue, cost and customer experience
  • Future Proof using PSD2 and ISO 20022 compliant state-of-the-art technology enabling rapid development and deployment of new products and services
  • Rapidly Innovate with new products, services and providers with API-driven integrations
  • Grow Revenues through new channels, new customer segments, improved pricing and AI-automated decision making

“TickTrade launched our Global Payments solutions to address the concerns we heard from our foreign exchange clients.” says TickTrade CEO Baha Ohcebol. “Leveraging our FX expertise, TickTrade has built a real-time global payments solution designed with the flexibility to deliver tactical or strategic payments solutions while built to be integrated into existing infrastructure.”

Alex Culiniac, TickTrade CPO, added, “Helping financial institutions deliver outstanding products to their customers is TickTrade’s mission. Our real-time global payments solution leverages state-of-the-art technology to give financial institutions of all sizes the tools they need to offer any payment type to any client segment, through any sales channel.”

About TickTrade Systems Inc.

TickTrade Systems Inc. is a Toronto-based e-Trading SaaS software solutions firm with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. The company was founded in 2013 by capital markets experts who believed the industry lacked solutions that could address its rapidly evolving needs through the use of new technologies. They set out to liberate how a trading platform should be built. Their model offers a complete end-to-end trading and payments solution that covers pre- and post-trade workflows for FX spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs, time options, FX options and global payments. TickTrade’ s modular components easily address specific needs and integrate with proprietary systems, reducing time-to-market and technology investments. The platform’s AI-powered analytics and reporting solutions enable clients to capture, analyse and predict customer, market and liquidity provider behaviour.

For more information, contact:

Will Kennedy, Managing Director – Sales and Marketing Tel: + 1 416 –346-6942 Email: will.kennedy@ticktradesystems.com
James Cook, Managing Director – Global Payments & Settlement Products Tel: +1 416-624-0047 Email: james.cook@ticktradesystems.com
Chris Gibson, Director – Global Payments & Settlement Products Tel: +1 416-575-5568 Email: chris.gibson@ticktradesystems.com

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